place-name, region in Númenor, apparently including hyar- "south" and perhaps orni "trees" UT:210

Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English). 2014.

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  • Hyarastorni —    Lands of the lordship of Hallattan in the Mittalmar (Inlands) of Númenor.        The Sheep lands of Númenor.    A region in the central parts of Númenor, used especially as grazing land for sheep …   J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary

  • Númenor — Place from J. R. R. Tolkien s legendarium Other names See below Description Island (or continent) Location The Great Sea, west of Middle earth Lifespan …   Wikipedia

  • List of Númenóreans — Middle earth portal In J. R. R. Tolkien s legendarium, the Númenóreans are the inhabitants of the island of Númenor. The following is a list of Númenóreans named in Tolkien s works, other than the rulers, who are described at Rulers of Númenor.… …   Wikipedia

  • Нуменор — (кв. Númenor, Númenórë; также именовался Эленна норэ (кв. Elenna nórë), Вестернесс (англ. Westernesse))  в легендариуме Дж. Р. Р. Толкина огромный остров (или континент), расположенный в море Белегаэр к западу от… …   Википедия

  • Hallacar —    Son of Hallatan of Hyarastorni; wedded Tar Ancalimë, first Ruling Queen of Númenor, with whom he was at strife. See Mámandil.        The husband of Queen Tar Ancalimë.    The son of Hallatan of Hyarastorni, a nobleman of Númenor descended… …   J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary

  • Hallatan —    Lord of Hyarastorni in the Mittalmar (Inlands) of Númenor; cousin of Tar Aldarion.        A nobleman of ancient Númenor.    A Númenórean, the lord of the inland region known as Hyarastorni. A descendant of King Vardamir Nólimon, his son… …   J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary

  • Ruling Queens of Númenor — In J. R. R. Tolkien s Middle earth legendarium, the Ruling Queens of Númenor were Dúnedain women who ruled the kingdom of Númenor. Out of Númenor s twenty five rulers, only three were female. Although the females in Tolkien s writings generally… …   Wikipedia

  • Tar-Anárion —  / Tar Anarion    Eighth Ruler of Númenor; son of Tar Ancalimë and Hallacar of Hyarastorni.        The eighth ruler of Númenor.    The son of Tar Ancalimë, the first of Númenor s Ruling Queens, who ruled the island for more than a century. His… …   J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary

  • Ulbar —    Númenórean, a shepherd in the service of Hallatan of Hyarastorni who became a mariner of Tar Aldarion …   J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary

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